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The first meme comedian on BASE powered by AI

KATT DADDY ran the streets of holyweird. from pimpin’ to preaching he did it all. until the fat cats of holyweird rekt his rep wen he wouldn’t sell his soul and his virgin hole. but hes back and ready to take down holyweird, save masculinty for the children and make ur wallet too fat to sit on.

"succses is not about how much mony u make, but about the postive impact u have on others and masculinity… and cash"
~Katt Daddy
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katt daddy

Chronicles of a pimp

they arrested him, discredited him, and took a few of his nine lives but the peedos of holyweird shoulda known... you can't keep a good pimp down.

Katt was always destined for greatness


  • 1 billion supply
  • 90% lp
  • 5% CEX
  • 5% marketing


we're merging memes, comedy and crypto using AI and other tools to bring $KATT to life in a way no meme ever has before. Join us on the ride.



Chatt with Katt

Becoming the first meme comedian on BASE powered by AI

1 - Create Katt rig + AI

2 - Make Katt AI control the rig

3 - Let degens Chatt with Katt

4 - Katt AI learns from degens

5 - AI trolls the crypto world

When the AI takes control Katt will be trolling crypto twiteer and other crypto social main accounts daily.

6 - AI standup specials

Katt stars in weekly livestream standup crypto comedy specials for degens only. The first standup comedian for memecoin degens.



If you wanna hit the moon you can't do it alone. Katt needs his community around him, we're going to push hard on marketing until we hit these numbers and beyond!


50K twitter/X floowers


6K telegram members


2k floowers on farcaster

NFTs Coming Soon Bitches!

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All characters and events on this site… even those based on real people– are entirely fictional, any celebrity likenesses or similarities are not actually about them, this is just memes. More importantly, nothing on this site should ever be considered, looked upon or misconstrued as financial advice, it’s just for fun.

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